Healthspan | Balm

Milligrams (mg)

A soothing, fragrant balm infused with 180mg herbal-extract, essential oils, and relaxing lavender.

Made using natural coconut oil and beeswax, Healthspan's herbal-extract Balm is a soothing topical salve that contains a high quality, broad-spectrum herbal-extract extract. In this topical format, herbal-extract Balm is perfect for rubbing onto muscles and joints. Or, you can simply use the balm to relieve dry or irritated skin when required.

Healthspan's herbal-extract Balm is infused with 180mg of broad-spectrum herbal-extract oil. All of Healthspan's herbal-extract oil is 100% natural, sourced from legally grown EU plants and cultivated without any harmful pesticides. The balm also contains a selection of expertly blended essential oils from nature, such as eucalyptus, arnica, sunflower, lavender and chamomile. This results in a relaxing and aromatic scent, with floral tones and calming lavender.

- Contains 180mg of high quality, broad-spectrum herbal-extract

- Made using a soothing coconut oil and beeswax base

- Infused with natural, essential oils including eucalyptus, arnica and sunflower

- With aromatic chamomile and relaxing lavender

- Gelatin free