Healthspan | Capsules 192mg (6.4mg per Capsule)

Milligrams (mg)

6.4mg high-quality, legal and safe herbal-extract capsules.

Extracted using non-toxic CO2, Healthspan's herbal-extract oil is 100% natural and obtained from legally grown EU plants, cultivated without harmful chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. What's more, the addition of olive oil optimises its absorption in the body.

Healthspan's herbal-extract is ideal for anyone looking to support their wellbeing and active lifestyle. We all react differently to supplements, so if you're new to herbal-extract oil it's important to start low and slow with your dosage and build up slowly over time if needed. If you're taking any prescribed medication, please consult your doctor before use.

- Legal, Safe & Batch tested

- Non-toxic and no psychoactive or addictive effects F1

- All-natural, non-GMO ingredients

- Added olive oil to help absorption in the body