Healthspan | Opti Capsules 300mg (10mg per Capsule)

Milligrams (mg)

Optimal absorption NovaSOL® CBD that acts 16x faster than standard CBD.

Healthspan's CBD is batch tested to ensure high levels of CBD with no impurities.

Opti-CBD is an exciting and innovative addition to Healthspan's CBD category. Using an advanced liquid micellar technology, this formulation uses a highly absorbable CBD oil. Opti-CBD acts up to 16x faster and is almost twice as bioavailable as standard CBD oil. Each capsule provides 10mg of high quality, fast-acting NovaSOL®CBD oil.

- Optimal absorbtion cannabidiol capsules

- Acts 16x faster and almost 2x more bioavailable than standard CBD oil

- Innovative micellar liquid formulation

- Providing 10mg fast-acting CBD oil per capsule

- Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

NovaSOL® CBD Prep. (Polysorbate, Hemp Extract, Mixed Tocopherols), Capsule Shell (Hypromellose).

NovaSOL® CBD - 500mg per capsule

providing Cannabidiol (CBD) - 10mg per capsule