Provacan | Lip Balm 135mg

Milligrams (mg)

Provacan CBD Lip Balm – 135mg CBD

Provacan is widely regarded as one of the leading CBD Brands in the world. It is the flagship brand of UK biotech powerhouse CiiTECH, who work closeley with Israel's Hebrew University of Jerusalem (aka the epicenter of cannabis research and development).

Provacan's 135mg CBD Lip Balm is made from the same best-in-class hemp extract as Provacan's industry leading CBD oil. The balm is made to nourish and protect dry, cracked and chapped lips.

Provacan's CBD Lip Bal is 100% free from:

  • parabens
  • artificial dyes and flavorings
  • toxins
  • heavy metals

Unlike other CBD lip balms that can wear off quickly and leave your lips drier than before, Provacan's 135mg cannabinoid content penetrates and hydrates deeply for several hours after application. Helping to hydrate the lips and solve the root of the problem.