The Original Alternative | Green Edition Vegan Capsules 1050mg (35mg per Capsule)

Milligrams (mg)

CBD Brothers use a Cannabis Sativa Whole Plant Extract > 14% CBD, extracted from female plants which are grown under the sun. Only the buds and flowers are used for extracts of the highest quality. This strain of Cannabis has been grown by a cooperative of farmers across Europe.

Extracted using CO2.

CBD Brothers CBD Capsules are made by combining a high concentration CBD Whole Plant Extract with organic Coconut Oil and casing in a Vegan Capsule. All manufactured in their own specifically built laboratory in Suffolk, UK.

Approximately 30 Capsules


  • 250mg Whole plant extract with >14% CBD/CBDA (35mg CBD/CBDA per Capsule, <0.2% THC)
  • 250mg Organic Coconut Oil
  • Vegan Capsule